Nelson Youth Soccer Rep Playing Philosophy

Nelson Youth Soccer’s aim is to develop players to be both knowledgeable and flexible in their application of the four key moments of the game is essential. Players must be challenged to become independent decision makers with the ability to understand and carry out the instructions of the Coach and react to the needs of the team at any given moment. Part of the philosophy is that we expect the players to demonstrate core values of hard work, honesty, togetherness and striving to be the best must be demonstrated at all times. Coaches will ensure that they are following the Nelson Youth Soccer Philosophy so that all Rep teams are playing the same way.

Four Key Moments

We focus our play around the 4 moments in the game.

  1. We are in possession of the ball – look to keep possession and play attacking soccer.
  2. We do not have possession of the ball – Work hard to get it back as individuals and as a team.
  3. We have won the ball back and are organizing to attack – Look to counter attack quickly after securing the ball.
  4. We have lost possession of the ball and are organizing to defend – Get compact, get back into shape.

When regaining control of the ball our teams should have the following questions; can we counter and attack quickly? If yes we must do so. If not can we retain possession of the ball to build an attack? On losing control of the ball our teams should have the following questions; can we press high up the field to successfully regain possession? If yes we must do so. If not can we delay our pressing of the ball by retreating to a new line of confrontation to win back control of the ball? All members of the team have a responsibility to participate in all 4 key moments of the game. All practice must center around / prepare players to be successful in these four key moments of the game.

Playing out from the back

We play out from the back to start attacks from deep. We look to keep possession of the ball and build up attacks. Do we play out from the back all the time? We play out from the back when it’s on to do so. If it’s not on to play out from the back then we look to go longer bit wider. If it’s a counter attack and we are on to do so then we can go longer.

Playing time

Rep soccer is a competitive team environment and playing time should be earned. In any game or tournament all players will be guaranteed playing time. Playing time guidelines will be outlined by the Technical director with Rep Coaches. Play downs and Provincials players will be part of the team but are not guaranteed playing time. The players that have performed the best and trained the best will get the minutes on the field.

Respect from Coaches and Players

All Coaches and Players must follow the code of conduct set out by Nelson Youth Soccer. Our Coaches and Players will show respect to officials, opponents, spectators. Failure for players to do so will result in loss of playing time. When representing Nelson Youth Soccer, Coaches and Players must wear Nelson Youth Soccer Clothing.